Turbonomic: What’s in a name?

October 28th, 2016

Turbonomic may be a new name you are hearing out there, but they are certainly not new to the world of virtualization and cloud. Formerly known as VMturbo, Turbonomic has rebranded itself in a move to differentiate itself from VMware, and to clearly state that their solution is a fit for all virtualization vendors and clouds. They have built a management product that continues to sit atop the list of the ‘cool’ vendors.

A little over a month ago, I spoke with some of the executives from Turbonomic, at VMworld. They stated that the name change was not to get away from VMware, but instead, to open up their solutions to the ever-growing virtualization market out there. The choice in name came from the word autonomic, which loosely translates to involuntary. Let’s take a look at how their technology relates to your business.

Many data centers consist of multi-hypervisor technologies. And, as the virtual world grows, it can easily spiral out of control and snowball into a virtual mess, that is both hard to track and see. Many of these virtualization vendors have products that manage their environments. They also say that they manage other vendors, but when you start looking deeper, there are some missing pieces when looking at the overall solution. Also, due to bias, they are going to try to sell you more from their own portfolio, and possibly, hold you hostage to the technology that only works with their product.

Turbonomic’s Autonomic platform enables multi-hypervisor environments to self-manage, to ensure the application performance. Data Management is all about where to focus; and, the Turbonomic platform allows your administrator to change their focus from ‘keeping the lights on’ to looking forward to new projects, as well as how to get better performance out of your applications, which will result in growing your business moving forward.

Autonomic platform provides a user interface to track application performance, in real time, resulting in 30% better application performance. This solution has built-in business intelligence, allowing for smarter migration, deployment of new workloads, and planning for future growth of workloads. You are no longer guided by your management platform, but instead, you are free to choose the applications and workloads that best fit your business.

The Autonomic solution has 3 solutions to choose from:

Workload Edition
Intelligent workload management provides real-time placement, sizing and provisioning decisions for any hypervisor and underlying infrastructure. Enables you to effectively manage the run, plan and build operational phases of IT with one platform.

Application Edition
Set application specific QoS targets, and let Turbonomic drive your environment there. Provides instrumentation for guest application workloads and a holistic understanding of the application, based on real-time communication patterns.

Cloud Native Edition
Effectively scale across any cloud from VMware to AWS, OpenStack or Azure. Extends into public clouds, container orchestration and PaaS management tools, providing real-time scaling decisions that optimize performance and costs.

In my previous blogs, I have mentioned the importance of planning, and with the ‘smart’ management platform from Turbonomic, you are planning for planning. What I mean is that without the proper information, you cannot effectively plan. The Automomic solution provides the real-time window into your ever-growing virtualization and cloud environment, which hold the keys to your business, the applications. It just makes sense to protect them with the best-in-breed solution that’s only job is to make sure that applications are performing, and the foundation is secure. Thank you, as always, for reading my blog.

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