Simplicity and efficiency are emerging as key concerns for security buyers. Mainline and Juniper Networks are partnered to deliver a unified cybersecurity platform that lets you run your business with confidence.


Mainline and Juniper work together to deliver network solutions that help our clients achieve and deliver greater business value. As an Elite Juniper partner, Mainline experts work with commercial businesses, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, government entities and more to deliver network performance and rock-solid cybersecurity for the digital era.

“I value Mainline’s expertise and trust their consultative approach. Mainline was instrumental in selecting the best vendors for all the complex components of this networking project.”
David Henderson

Director of Computer Services, Victor Central School District

Evolution of Enterprise IT

IT’s decades-long emphasis on TCO is being eclipsed by a new-found focus on security and automation. Whether it’s the continuous risks posed by a dynamic threat landscape, the threat of digital disruption, or an inability to keep pace with the latest trends, virtually every enterprise needs to be more agile.

Enabling Higher Education’s Journey to the Cloud

Many institutions are turning to cloud technologies and services to drive down costs and increase service agility. Without the right network infrastructure in place, the journey to the cloud can be a daunting one. Networks that are proprietary, complex, and static might not be able to handle the increased demands of a cloud-enabled IT or business strategy.