Open Source

Digital Transformation is the implementation of the latest software solutions that are available today to address the current and ever-changing market environments, trends and requirements. Digital Transformation addresses development processes, AI, Cloud and customer interactions.

Digital Transformation can enable your company to recognize and exploit your market differentiators and modernize your processes so you gain competitive advantages and increase business results. However, if your organization is like most, you are struggling to find the right combination of software to accomplish your transformation goals.

Open Source Is Agile

To enable digital transformation, enterprises often turn to Open Source solutions. They do this for the benefit of building on a technology that is cloud and platform agnostic. Open Source Software (OSS) allows organizations to collaborate easily with partners and colleagues to develop unique applications tailored to their business.

Open Source Software (OSS) Defined

In the case of OSS (Open Source Software), source code is released under a license in which the copyright owner grants users the rights to analyze, modify and distribute software for any purpose and to anyone. The transparent nature of Open Source Software allows development to take place in a public and collaborative manner, which translates to business agility.

Benefits of Open Source Software & Open Source Application Software:

  • Cost efficient, which reduces IT expense
  • Flexible licensing and development terms to reduce complexity
  • High code quality due to large community development reviews and contributions
  • Cloud and platform agnostic because of source-level code distribution
  • User-driven functional expansion to meet priority requirements

When companies need a highly flexible, low-cost or custom software solution, they turn to Open Source Software. The merger of IBM and Red Hat gives business customers access to the reliability, security, and performance of IBM solutions plus the agility of Open Source Software. Other Open Source solution providers such as SUSE, NextCloud, Elastic and others further extend today’s options.

Mainline: Your Trusted Advisor on
Open Source Solutions

Mainline has a depth and breadth of expertise in Open Source solutions, plus expert proficiency with enterprise systems and software. As you investigate and implement Open Source Software (OSS) solutions, we can act as your trusted advisor. Our team of experts can work alongside you as you connect and transition your proprietary software over to Open Source solutions.

With our experience in OS software, DevOps, security, and compliance, we can help you create a roadmap for your Digital Transformation using OSS implementations. From analysis, into design, and through implementation, we can support enterprises at any phase of their Open Source journey.

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