Blog: Komprise: Managing the Unstructured Data Deluge

June 23rd, 2020 Blog: Komprise: Managing the Unstructured Data Deluge

Ken Scott
System Engineer

Merriam-Webster defines the expression pack rat as “a person who collects or hoards especially unneeded items.”

This definition also applies to IT professionals who insist on keeping all data handy for fear it may be needed to address a request, complete a project, or solve a critical business challenge. The problem with this approach is that it typically means businesses spend inordinate amounts of money on data storage better suited for Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications: the workflows required to provide the daily lifeblood to the business.

Keeping everything “just in case” is time consuming from a personnel perspective and costly from a bottom-line perspective.

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? Komprise Intelligent Data Management allows IT professionals to have complete access to file and object data while neatly organizing it in “value-appropriate” storage repositories. Think of a Smarter HSM for unstructured data.


How Does Komprise Minimize Data Center Costs?


Komprise doesn’t aim to solve the storage management problem. Instead, they solve the data management problem by helping businesses identify where file and object data resides in the enterprise and then providing valuable insight into that data so businesses can decide how to manage it: re-platform it, delete it, or tag it for other uses. Included in the software is the intelligence to use metadata to create accurate forecasting models. It allows a user to input actual costs for data storage and data protection, then, in real-time, it identifies the savings associated with moving lower activity or archived data to a more cost-effective storage platform – including out of an on-premise data center and into the cloud. Komprise also provides the vendor-agnostic automation necessary to allow for seamless migration so there are no changes in your applications or the manner in which users access data in its new location.

Mainline is seeing a significant amount of interest from our clients in Komprise for a number of reasons.

  • Organizations are cost-constrained from buying too much Tier 1 & Tier 2 file and object storage and they need to free some of it up in order to plan for new projects.
  • IT professionals are being pressured by executive management to move to the cloud.
  • Organizations want to regain control over backup processes to meet tighter SLAs and use the protected data to provide new insights to the business.

Komprise can do all of these.


Komprise and IBM


IBM has also recognized the promise and simplicity of Komprise and it helps provide an excellent business case for the adoption of IBM Cloud Object Storage or IBM Cloud.

The Komprise interface is extremely intuitive. After loading the collector and pointing the software at your file and object repositories, Komprise begins the effort of combing through the file systems and categorizing the data along with its metadata. From there, you can perform a series of useful tasks including:

1. Analyze and Optimize What is out there and where should it be?
2. Migrate Data Move data to a public cloud or to a more cost-effective on-premise repository.
3. Bridge Big Data and AI Create data lakes, providing additional insight into storage data.
4. Build Cyber Resiliency Keep data in a more secure location.
5. Access Data Anywhere Manage data across hybrid multi-clouds.

It is estimated that 94% of businesses use a mix of cloud models and 67% use more than one cloud provider. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your file and object data is cost-effectively stored, yet can still be accessed to provide better insight and greater value to the business?

Komprise’s tagline says it all: Komprise Intelligent Data Management. Because more storage won’t help. Smarter data decisions will.

For more information or a demonstration of Komprise and how this Intelligent Data Management solution can streamline your file and object storage, contact your Mainline Representative, or or click here to contact us with any questions..

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