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June 21st, 2016

Chris Minnis
Enterprise Architect

You want to upgrade to VMware’s vSphere 6, but you still haven’t handled all the prerequisites.  Or maybe, you’re just not sure where you stand on that list of prerequisites, in the first place.  Perhaps, it’s time for a new storage device that requires a version of VMware’s Array Integration (VAAI) that you never got to. Is it time to replace the physical servers in your environment? Server technology has leapt in the last 3-5 years, and you just aren’t sure you need less, more, or the same number of machines… How has your storage capacity changed? Bottom line is changes need to be made, and you’re simply uncertain about the next steps.

We often run into environments that are simply not “current”. They’re not prepared to take advantage of current features, because their components are too back-level to easily upgrade. As well, we see environments that simply no longer adhere to “best practices” and are in need of a tune up.

If this sounds familiar, Mainline and VMware have some options to help you out:

  1. Mainline’s VMware Healthcheck is a professional services engagement that leverages a VMware Partner-exclusive tool to collect information on your existing vSphere environment. With that data, we can drill down to address specific issues… both the ones you knew about going in, as well as the ones discovered during the healthcheck. We can step away and leave resolving those issues to you, or we can continue to engage through remediation. As you might suspect, we offer this service annually, semiannually and quarterly, as well. This offering can be customized to include other VMware products, as well as non-VMware products.
  2. VMware’s vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) is a pilot of VMware vSphere with Operations Management (VSOM). Mainline Engineers install VSOM in your environment, and run specific reports to demonstrate the value of VMware’s new VSOM version of vSphere. Those reports are specifically designed to provide information around the most common issues in your environment. With this engagement, obviously we’re hoping you see value in purchasing either VSOM outright or the bigger vRealize Operations.

Let’s look at some sample issues, and which approach might be right for you:

Issue: Healthcheck VOA
Time to replace a hardware component / Capacity questions / sizing new VMware infrastructure x x
Time to upgrade vSphere, and unsure prerequisites are met x x
Other VMware product issues: non-vSphere, SRM, View Horizon… x
Troubleshooting a specific problem x
Interested in trying out VMware’s vSphere with Operations Manager prior to purchase x
Troubleshooting a larger infrastructure issue that includes your VMware environment x


Hopefully, these examples give you a couple of strong options. Go here to learn more and get started!

Regardless of the situation you’re faced with, we’re here to help. Mainline maintains the Management Automation and the Management Operations Solution Competencies from VMware. This sets us apart from other partners. That accreditation from VMware requires the continued investment of both our sales and technical staff. Our account executives, solution architects and engineers continue to invest in the entire VMware stack, as well as a great portion of what has become the larger still X86 virtualization business. Use our experience to your advantage.

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