vSphere Optimization… Get Healthy / Stay Healthy

October 12th, 2020 vSphere Optimization… Get Healthy / Stay Healthy
Chris Minnis
Enterprise Architect

You want to upgrade to VMware’s current vSphere release, but you still haven’t handled all the prerequisites. Or maybe, you’re just not sure where you stand on that list of prerequisites, in the first place. Is it time to replace the physical servers in your environment? Server technology has leapt in the last 3-5 years, and you just aren’t sure you need less, more, or the same number of machines. How has your storage capacity changed? Is VSAN an option? The bottom line is changes need to be made, and you’re simply uncertain about the next steps.


Tune Up with a VMware Health Check


We often run into environments that are simply not “current”. They’re not prepared to take advantage of the latest features, because their components are too back-level to easily upgrade. As well, we see environments that simply no longer adhere to “best practices” and need a tune up.

If this sounds familiar, Mainline Professional Services and VMware have some options to help:

  1. Mainline’s VMware Health Check is an engagement that leverages a VMware Partner-exclusive tool to collect information on your existing vSphere environment. With that data, we can drill down to address specific issues – those you knew about already as well as the issues discovered during the Health Check. We can step away and leave the issue resolution to you, or we can continue to engage through remediation. We offer this service annually, semiannually, and quarterly, as well. This offering can be customized to include other VMware products, as well as non-VMware products.
  2. Our VSAN Health Check is an engagement that allows us to inspect your implementation of VSAN and note any deviation from “best practices”. Again, we can correct issues or leave them for you to address.
  3. The Virtual Desktop Health Check is an engagement to assess VMware Horizon health compared against an optimal set of “best practices” and performance goals. Desktops in VMware Horizon are in scope for inspection, but can be expanded to include applications and/or other “end user computing” products from VMware, like Workspace ONE.


Which VMware Health Check is right for me?


Let’s look at some sample issues, and which approach might be right for you:

Issue: vSphere


Health Check
Virtual Desktop
Health Check
Time to replace a hardware component / capacity questions / sizing new VMware infrastructure x x x
Time to upgrade, and unsure prerequisites are met x x x
Troubleshooting a specific problem x x x
Troubleshooting a larger infrastructure issue that includes your VMware environment x

Hopefully, these examples give you a few strong options. We can help you choose the engagements that are right for you: Go here to learn more and get started!


VMware Accreditations and Skills


Regardless of your VMware optimization needs, we’re here to help. Mainline maintains the Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Management Automation, and the Management Operations Solution Competencies from VMware, setting us apart from other partners. Accreditations from VMware require the continued investment of both our sales and technical staff. Our solution architects, engineers, and account executives continue to invest in the entire VMware stack, as well as a great portion of what has become the larger X86 virtualization business. Use our experience to your advantage.


More Information


Mainline’s architects and system engineers help our customers select, architect, and implement efficient, secure technology solutions that improve their bottom line. For more information, contact your Mainline Account Representative directly, or reach out to us here.


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