VMware provides virtualization solutions that help companies consolidate and optimize their data center infrastructures. Tools that allow IT teams and developers to access application environments while keeping them secure and efficient are also part of VMware’s offerings.

Mainline and VMware

Mainline is a Principal VMware Partner, the highest level of partnership. We hold a Master Services Competency in data center virtualization, along with competencies in many other areas, including network virtualization, VMware Cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure, and SD-WAN. Our Management Automation and Management Operations Solution Competencies set us apart from other VMware partners. Mainline provides large enterprises, such as Fortune 100 companies, with core data center virtualization, hybrid cloud, disaster recovery as a service, and vSAN for on-premises cloud. We can assess and validate your infrastructure design and optimize a hybrid cloud design.

Why VMware?

VMware pioneered virtualization and continues to maintain its position as a leader in virtualization and other areas of digital transformation that take a software-defined approach. VMware offers a consistent platform for cloud and application modernization. VMware is a top choice for enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, that find VMware platforms save money while delivering appreciable return on investment.

vSphere with Tanzu

VMware vSphere leverages native Kubernetes, creating the potential to further modernize the more than 7 million workloads currently running on the compute virtualization platform.*


Using vSphere with Tanzu, enterprises can run modern containerized applications along with existing applications in a unified way. vSphere with Tanzu allows companies to drop Kubernetes into their existing infrastructure to achieve a developer-ready environment in no time. Users can simplify operations while gaining the ability to scale the vSphere infrastructure to support 50% more hosts per cluster than previously possible.*

vSphere Optimization… Get Healthy / Stay Healthy

“Mainline’s accreditations from VMware, including the Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Management Automation, and Management Operations competencies set us apart from other solution providers. Our investment in the entire VMware stack enables us to deliver cost effective, efficient solutions to our customers.”

Chris Minnis

Enterprise Architect, MAINLINE

Mainline VMware Health Check

Mainline offers a VMware Health Check as one of our professional services engagements. This Health Check uses a VMware Partner-exclusive tool to collect information on your existing vSphere environment. We can leverage the data that we collect to find and solve issues with your environment. You have the option to either resolve the issues we discover on your own or engage the Mainline team to remediate them.

Mainline offers our VMware Health Check service annually, semiannually, and quarterly. The Health Check can be customized to include other VMware offerings.

Mainline’s VMware Health Check services helped a large regional healthcare provider in Tennessee increase the efficiency of their existing hardware infrastructure by 30%.

Providing roadmaps to data center virtualization and optimization

VMware has developed two assessment frameworks that Mainline can use to help customers discover and solve problems with their virtualization tools and environments. These Solution Enablement Toolkits are the vSAN Health Check and vSphere Health Check. Mainline offers these assessments as part of our Data Center Optimization and Software Asset Management services.