Top five reasons why it is time for flash storage

January 7th, 2015
Bryan Samson
Strategic Alliances Manager


Flash technology continues down the path of redefining the landscape of computing. When compared to disk technology, flash storage is superior in storage density, cost efficiency, packaging, energy consumption and speed to deployment. Businesses can finally unleash the power of their most critical applications to make real-time strategic decisions.

Why flash? Here are the top five reasons why it is time for you to try flash storage:

  1. Flash is very fast! Flash storage is very fast with latencies measured in microseconds vs. milliseconds – measurable performance impact by addressing the weakest link in the IT stack — storage latency.

  3. Flash creates a ripple effect, improving CPU utilization (more work with fewer cores) and reducing database, application and VMware licensing costs.

  5. Flash storage saves money in the data center by reducing storage latency. Optimize your business, by boosting performance without adding database and system administrator time commitments, allowing you to focus your resources.

  7. Flash increases efficiency and utilization across the IT stack – consuming about 20% of the power and cooling of spinning disk.

  9. Flash storage is not rip and replace – flash supplements your existing infrastructure. It connects to existing SAN in 30 minutes for immediate performance impact. Assign flash the heaviest, most critical workload and see the benefit to all storage in the SAN.

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