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Mainline helps companies optimize their data centers to improve business effectiveness.  An optimized data center reduces cost, lowers risk and improves agility, making your business more competitive. We provide solutions from leading technology companies in the data center space and offer a wide range of services to make your data center optimization project a reality.

We were able to go to advanced flash storage, an advanced server environment and more capacity, and our annual operating costs actually decreased. This is a testament to everyone involved, including Mike (Karasienski), Chris (Walker), our management team, the IT staff and Mainline. I’ve never seen a migration happen that quickly and smoothly before.”

John Hill

CIO, Carhartt

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“Mainline is a trusted advisor in data center technologies. They are helping us to modernize a data center and move to the cloud.”

Sam Wagar
Vice President Information Technology, Golub Corporation/Price Chopper Supermarkets

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Mainline has the experience and knowledge necessary to guide organizations through every stage in their Data Center Optimization journey. We can help you assess your current data center, recommend changes, and carry you through implementation and support. Schedule a free assessment with a Mainline expert today and learn how to optimize your data center infrastructure.