Power 8 + IBM Flash storage

Carhartt saves money and improves performance by upgrading SAP system to IBM POWER8 and new all-flash storage.

COMPANY:   Carharrt
HEADQUARTERS:   Dearborn, Michigan
INDUSTRY:   Apparel

“We were able to go to advanced flash storage, an advanced server environment and more capacity, and our annual operating costs actually decreased. This is a testament to everyone involved, including Mike (Karasienski), Chris (Walker), our management team, the IT staff and Mainline. I’ve never seen a migration happen that quickly and smoothly before.”

John Hill

CIO, Carhartt


  • Preparing for the future using a maxed-out server and inefficient storage
  • Needed to increase system capacity and performance while justifying cost
  • Infrastructure growing faster than planned due to business analytics needs


  • IBM Power Server consolidation of backup, development and testing servers and upgrade to production system
  • New IBM storage with real-time compression
  • Mainline Consulting services
  • Mainline Implementation services


  • More compute and storage performance for less than previously spending
  • Accommodates for growth and additional project capacity
  • Savings of $1.1M over 48 months
  • 75 percent compression ratio for IBM i and SAP data

Some 130 years ago, Hamilton Carhartt decided it was time to give railroad workers, ranch hands, soldiers and others clothing that could keep up with their dirty and demanding jobs. With five employees, two sewing machines and the belief that his customers should get “honest value for an honest dollar,” he delivered just that, with a rugged and affordable line of coveralls, denims and uniforms.

Fast-forward to 2017, and it’s clear that Hamilton Carhartt’s vision was a long-term one. Today, his
namesake company counts on those hardworking folks, including men, women and children, as part
of its growing consumer base, in addition to the fashion trendy. As Carhartt continues to manufacture durable, purpose-built workwear products, its footprint has also grown to include hardworking consumers from around the globe.

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