IBM and Red Hat Press Release for Power Systems

October 19th, 2016

Ron Gordon
Director – Power Systems

At Edge 2016 in Las Vegas, IBM and Red Hat made a pretty significant press release, and I bet many of us missed it. To paraphrase the press release in a few words, IBM and Red Hat announced continued cooperation and technology sharing to further enhance and provide support for hybrid cloud. Through joint engineering and product collaboration, the two companies plan to deliver solutions built on key components of Red Hat’s portfolio of open source products.

This will include Red Hat Virtualization (RHEV) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability offerings. The work will help position IBM Power Systems as a featured component of Red Hat’s hybrid cloud strategy.

IBM and Red Hat went on to say they were jointly engineering solutions across IBM Power Systems and productized in the Red Hat portfolio by:

  • Enabling Red Hat solutions on IBM’s next-generation Power Systems
  • Introducing new HPC capabilities for research deployments
  • Developing high availability capabilities for Power Systems

I see this as great news. With the new LC models from Power Systems, and the commercial acceptance of Red Hat as the industry leading Linux distribution, customers can look forward to greater consistency across platform architectures from the Red Hat portfolio and exploitation of the future Power Servers.

The consistency will allow customers to choose the best platform for the solution, based on price and performance, while not having to differentiate on solution availability.

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