What’s Happening With IBM and PowerLinux?

January 22nd, 2014
Ron Gordon
Director of Power Systems

IBM is making a significant investment in PowerLinux to improve performance and pricing. Recently, IBM announced Power IFLs (integrated facilities for Linux). Similar to the System z IFLs, the Power IFLs offer a lower cost for Linux hardware enablement for Power Systems. The IFLs are available on the 770/780/795 systems and are composed of 4 core activations, 32 GB RAM activation and 4 core licenses or PowerVM Enterprise Edition. This “bundle” is offered starting at a 50% or more price discount. Once you acquire your preferred Linux distribution you can have partitions running Linux applications. This will give you the performance, reliability and virtualization efficiencies of Power at a possibly lower price than running the application on x86 servers. In addition, IBM Software Group has reduced the PVUs for their software portfolio for Power Enterprise servers running Linux to 70 from 120.

Based on my experience and history with Power Systems, I believe everyone with Enterprise servers should investigate the new Power IFLs and reduced costs of implementation on Power Systems. If you are new to Power Linux, there is also a 90-day free trial offer from IBM.

Don’t miss this opportunity to run Linux efficiently, effectively, and at a low cost on Power Systems. Contact me or your Mainline account executive to discuss this opportunity or the 90-day trial.

I invite you to view a webcast that further explains the recent changes to IBM Power Systems, including the addition of the IFLs.

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