Why do I love Zerto? Let Me Count the Ways…

October 7th, 2016

Chris Minnis
Enterprise Architect

Love? Really? Yes. We’ve been partners of Zerto’s for years now and, while their products are great across the board, there are a few scenarios where they just excel and make a great discussion topic. Here’s a few:

Simple backup and recovery
While there are a lot of solutions for backup and recovery, few provide the foundation for expansion that Zerto does. We know that a customer can expand backup to data protection to full blown business continuity / disaster recovery, without going to a new product or vendor. Every customer that grows has faced that moment, when they outgrow a component of their infrastructure and their reaction is disappointment, not only in the product, but in themselves and their partners, for lack of warning. With Zerto, there’s a foundation, and we’ve yet to see someone outgrow it.

Offsite backup becomes replication and disaster recovery
Speaking of those transition points… when you’ve decided that keeping a restorable copy of your environment at the ready simply isn’t good enough, you want to consider replicating your storage to a device offsite. Stay with Zerto to do this as well.

Cloud DR
Yes! Now we’re advancing and even getting into current trends. Instead of building your own recovery facility, use a cloud provider. Zerto is still part of this story too, replicating your production environment to the cloud provider’s. Some 200+ cloud providers are supported, as of this writing.

Cloud Continuity
At its heart, disaster recovery is data center migration. Will Zerto help me migrate to a cloud provider? Yes. What if I want to use a second cloud provider and replicate, in case of a disaster… will Zerto work between two cloud providers? Yes.

Indeed, Zerto can even help you migrate from production to the cloud, in the first place.

What about Hyper-V and/or Microsoft’s Azure
Well, it isn’t replication. It is actually conversion. Zerto can convert VMware virtual machines to Hyper-V’s format, as well as convert Hyper-V virtual machines to VMware’s format. That means, your company’s new acquisition having a disparate hypervisor isn’t as big of a problem as you thought. You can take your time consolidating to a single platform since Zerto supports both VMware and Hyper-V.

This is why Zerto has become such a great option when customers ask about backup and recovery of their virtual environments. Zerto can scale… not just in terms of size of the environment, but in terms of size of the business. I can think of no other vendor’s products that are so accommodating to change. I hesitate to use the term future-proof, but let’s look back for justification, before we look forward: With Zerto, you can backup, restore and replicate either VMware or Hyper-V in a single or multiple data centers (including cloud providers). You can convert and migrate from VMware to Hyper-V, as well as back and/or from either platform to the cloud and back. So, if you’d worked with Zerto in the past, your future would’ve been safe. Looking forward, I think Zerto will continue to find ways to liberate your choices.

IT Infrastructure is building blocks. You hope you can use and reuse technology across your datacenter. The best tools you have stand the test of time, and Zerto is one of my favorites, for just that reason.

Regardless of the situation, we’re here to help. Our account executives, solution architects and engineers continually invest in the virtual infrastructure business. There are so many options to build and maintain your environment. Use our experience to your advantage.

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