Do I need one platform for analytics and another platform for everything else?

June 19th, 2013
Ron Gordon
Director of Power Systems

With the growing volume of data, this is a common question. Can a single platform handle multiple applications and be cost effective? The answer is yes.

The bandwidth capabilities and the performance of IBM Power make it possible to support multiple applications, and to meet your budgetary constraints. In fact, IBM Power Systems offers organizations not only the lowest cost of ownership but also the lowest cost of information.

Earlier this year I was invited to participate in a video about IBM Power that features customers, partners and industry experts. I think this video is worthy of sharing with you as it is an honest testimony from people who use the system on a daily basis or who have many years of IT experience, and who do not work for IBM! The video discusses the performance capabilities of Power Systems architecture along with industry-leading virtualization, resiliency and security technology. If you are looking for customer testimony to help in your IT decision making, this video is very valuable.

» Watch the video

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