BLOG: Top 3 Benefits of NetApp Cloud Manager

June 1st, 2021 BLOG: Top 3 Benefits of NetApp Cloud Manager
Carlos L. Marques
Enterprise Architect


Companies with on-premises implementations that want to take advantage of public cloud for some workloads are moving to hybrid cloud. However, hybrid cloud users must find a way to access and manage data effectively given the challenge of using data across multiple cloud instances.

These organizations want a unified data management experience that allows them to manage and protect data across different public cloud providers. Many companies are relying on their storage vendor to build a data fabric that allows them to manage everything from a single place. However, companies need to create a single experience across cloud providers.

NetApp customers benefit from Cloud Volumes ONTAP, a breakthrough for cloud storage management, which delivers instant snapshots, storage volume cloning, and data replication. As the interface for Cloud Volumes ONTAP, NetApp Cloud Manager delivers an ideal path to centralized management of hybrid cloud.


Here’s an overview of 3 main advantages to using NetApp Cloud Manager:


1) Unified Data Storage Management

NetApp Cloud Manager delivers centralized management of all Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployments across your business, whether they are in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or cloud from another provider. Cloud Manager has a single interface, which can be used to control every hybrid cloud deployment through a dashboard.

Your company can grant access to Cloud Manager using predefined roles — such as Cloud Manager Admin, Tenant Admin, and Working Environment Admin — to control each employee’s permissions level. Operations can be tracked and monitored from a Timeline view, which can be filtered.

2) Advanced Data Protection

NetApp Cloud Manager has a wizard that enables your company to set up data replication to the cloud environment using the simple process of dragging and dropping data volumes from the source environment to the destination. Creating snapshots, restore, and data cloning is as easy as double-clicking in the dashboard.

Companies can choose the appropriate type of replication for specific use cases. Choosing to mirror exactly replicates the source volume at the destination for disaster recovery. The backup policy allows multiple source data volumes to be replicated at the same destination, creating a single long-term backup archive.

Organizations can also create a schedule for synchronizing data at the destination. The sync only transfers the incremental changes made to the source since the last synchronization took place. Incremental transfer of data makes replication quick and efficient.

3) Automation and Orchestration

Cloud Manager helps companies automate and orchestrate complex processes, such as backing up on-premises data in the cloud or replicating data from different cloud environments. Operations can be automated and orchestrated using easy drag-and-drop functionality.

The drag-and-drop feature can be used for processes such as lift-and-shift cloud migration, disaster recovery, data consolidation, and collaboration. Every action is available from the RESTful API, which provides support and integration with other NetApp cloud management systems, enabling a data fabric.

How to Get Started with NetApp Cloud Manager

Partnering with the right technology provider will help your business get on the road to an optimal hybrid cloud experience through NetApp Cloud Manager. Companies need to deploy hybrid cloud quickly and find the right interface to enable unified management of all cloud instances in your storage systems. NetApp Cloud Manager makes implementing hybrid cloud easy while also delivering ongoing data management and protection.


More Information:

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