Software Asset Management

Could your organization benefit by saving 20%-40% on your current software agreements*?

Would you like to have a full understanding of your software entitlements while maintaining compliance and minimizing risk?

Of course you would! And a Software Asset Management solution is the key discipline you need to get there. SAM applications and tools help you track, document and gain control of your IT assets. Sounds great, right? But companies fall short on deploying and maintaining these solutions due to lack of skill and resources.

What if you could have a SAM Service provider that would:

  • Analyze your software inventory
  • Find redeployment opportunities to minimize shelfware
  • Identify consolidation opportunities to maximize utilization
  • Help you gain control of your IT assets so you can avoid a costly audit
  • Drive cost savings and maximize ROI through an optimized software estate

Mainline has solutions that deliver control, compliance and cost savings. From Audit Support to SAM & License Consulting to SAM-as-a-Service, we’ve got you covered.

*Average cost savings

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