Infinidat: High Speed Backup and Simplified Disaster Recovery

July 24th, 2018 Infinidat: High Speed Backup and Simplified Disaster Recovery
Keith Thuerk
Storage Engineer


Infinidat had a major product release in April of this year. I wrote about their Neutrix Cloud a few weeks ago, so today, let’s cover two more offerings from that major release; InfiniGuard and InfiniSync.

InfiniGuard – High-speed Backup Solution Solving the Secondary Storage Issue

Did you notice just how stratified the backup and recovery market has become over the past 12-15 years? During this time, complexity increased several-fold, and costs grew to levels unseen, sometimes several times the cost of primary storage. This is not the direction any IT shop needs to be going, as complexity burns through ever-dwindling budgets and dedicated talent time. Perhaps, this complexity was the source of missing a few backup windows and all the cascading sub-events, or perhaps an even greater pain? Infinidat developed a high-speed backup solution called InfiniGuard to solve the secondary storage issue. InfiniGuard is a petabyte scale Data Protection platform with super-fast recovery times. Additionally, it brings a level of simplification to your enterprise data protection. The key here is rapid backup AND super-fast recovery; because in crisis mode, who has time to wait and wonder? Leveraging the Infinibox Neural cache allows your enterprise to rely on the predictable backup windows and to bring a level of sleep-comfort each night.

What is it you ask? It is a dedicated Infinidat appliance that offers data-aware backups in the form of two capacities, 1PB usable or up to 20PB of effective capacity. Being a simple guy, I don’t like games when it comes to business decisions, so this is a no-brainer… 1PB of smoking-fast recovery and worry-free backups; while only consuming 26U in a rack… that is a game changer. So, how fast is fast? Infinidat states it will ingest 48TB/hour without source-side deduplication and up to 78TB/hour with source-side acceleration. Data can be further protected by remote or local replication to get your data to another failure domain. Of course, this has the industry time-saving Infinidat GUI and CLI access, which again, makes your IT staff content to move onto other daunting tasks. Pair it with your existing applications and backup tools, such as CommVault, Veeam, SAP, Oracle RMAN, Veritas, VMware, Hyper-V and many others. Be sure to check the Infinidat Ecosystem to ensure your backup application is supported and to make a more compelling TCO solution. When deployed in this manner, your enterprise retains skill continuity; at the same time, you’ll be saving your enterprise time and money with this secondary storage simplification offering, which allows your enterprise to focus on the data-driven enterprise. Join the rapidly expanding, very satisfied customer base with this disruptive technology.

Can your enterprise quickly benefit from a simplified secondary storage platform?

InfiniSync – Simplify DR with this Rock-Solid Solution

Infinidat’s InfiniSync provides synchronous replication over unlimited distance, using protocols of your choice, such as Fibre Channel, Ethernet, InfiniBand, High Speed Wireless 4G LTE or Wi-Fi. Using any of these protocols will help get your data to its destination with zero latency impact. Best practice is to define several protocols to ensure the highest level of data availability in the event of an emergency.

What is it you ask? It is a ballistically-hardened 450-pound appliance (aka black box), which can withstand heat up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit or 510 Celsius, and it is designed to receive and protect your data outside of a regional disaster. This disaster would constitute a network outage, Tornado or something grander in scope and damage. InfiniSync has the capacity to store up to 1.6TB of data w/ 0.3ms of latency. Today, the limitation is one InfiniSync per Infinibox array (1:1 ratio), as they are not yet offering clustering capabilities.

Does your enterprise have a fully actionable Disaster Recovery (DR) plan? How well did the last DR test go? How many errors did you encounter, and how easy are they to remediate? Or, perhaps your enterprise has been on the fence about starting a DR site. InfiniSync makes DR ultra-simple. Maybe you work in a heavily regulated industry such as Banking, Finance or Insurance where you must have a zero RPO. Why not simplify your DR and use a rock-solid offering? Perhaps you are thinking of going the DRaaS offering route – this would be a very inexpensive way to tackle that deployment model and be up and running very quickly with very little to maintain, after the fact. Although InfiniSync cannot be deployed on Neutrix Cloud today, I am anticipating this changing in the near future.

If your enterprise had this appliance in an area where the power and all communications have been destroyed, this appliance could be moved by a few individuals. It could then be placed into a truck and brought to an area that has power and communications, and you could be back back-online very quickly… talk about flexibility.

Deploying InfiniSync

So, you are asking yourself how to deploy such an offering? You can deploy it intra-data center for local replication or inter-data center for out of the region replication. The intra-data center design would localize data replication, then the InfiniSync can replicate data out of the region to another InfiniSync appliance. Infinidat arrays are the first array integrated into the solution, the brain trust at Infinidat are working to integrate EMC and IBM arrays, too. (Stay tuned for more info on these arrays and dates.) As you know, any IT spend must pass the TCO review, and this solution comes in very low, with a rapid return. Let’s work together to bring InfiniSync resiliency and simplicity to your enterprise so you can focus on more important matters. Deploying this technology might just spark a huge competitive advantage for your enterprise.

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