IBM Power Systems Ranks #1 in Major Reliability Categories

August 23rd, 2016

Ron Gordon
Director – Power Systems

Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) just recently released their latest 2016 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability results.  Again, IBM Power Systems consistently achieved the highest reliability rating in every category, besting alternative server technologies.  Some of the highlights include:

IBM Power Systems hardware platforms achieved the highest level of reliability with 61% of Power Systems having 99.999% uptime (5.25 minutes per server/year downtime) compared to 46% of HP servers and 40% of Oracle HW users.

Eight out of 10 (82%) of Power Systems users rated their satisfaction with server setup, configuration, and provisioning “excellent” or “very good”.  This is a 6% increase over the 2015 ITIC survey.

Security continues to be Power Systems’ strength, with  users experiencing, on average, of only one successful security breach annually.  This is the best of all platforms.

Linux running on Power Systems scored the highest reliability among Linux OS’: 3.5 minutes of unplanned outages per server, per year.  This was the best result of all hardware platforms.

Server administrators spend the least time rebooting OS, including planned reboots to add or reconfigure system resources.  77% of IBM administrators “rarely or never” reboot the server, compared to 65% of HP admins; 52% of Dell admins; 47% of Oracle admins; and 41% of Windows admins.

I think this is a continuation, and supports the high RAS facilities in POWER.  It also demonstrates the value of IBM in running mission-critical applications.

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