Advise, Assist, and Administer with Mainline managed services

September 5th, 2014
Ray Lee
Vice President-Managed Services and Support
Mainline Information Systems

Is there a part of your IT operations that you would like to improve? Is there a project or mandate that you need to solve within you current budget constraints?

Are you faced with any of the following?

  • Your operations and maintenance costs are increasing
  • You are not on current O/S levels
  • You have a skills gap
  • You are missing SLAs

If so, managed services might be a solution for you. Through our managed services offerings, we can work with you to create a project plan that addresses your current needs and frees up your staff to focus on new initiatives and business growth. Mainline offers customers three levels of managed services and technical support, which we like to call Advise, Assist, and Administer.

Here are two examples of how our managed services have helped our clients:

A university in the southwest United States needed to create a business continuity and disaster recovery solution as well as comply with regulatory rules for sensitive data. By developing an off-site replication solution managed by Mainline and provided as a service, we were able to help them meet their business objectives while satisfying their capital budget limitations.

A large manufacturing company was facing a critical skills gap as several employees were retiring. Since they were in a non-metro area, finding skilled employees was difficult and outsourcing did not fit with their business model. Using our managed services solution, a long-term support plan was implemented and the client’s critical skills gap was solved.

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