Virtualization With the IBM System z Linux: A Perfect Companion for Your Virtualization Project

November 19th, 2013
Marianne Eggett
Linux Emerging Technology Practice Manager


In a shaky economy, cost-cutting initiatives are imperative. In the information technology arena the primary cost-cutting initiative is called “virtualization,” and nearly every company is at least looking at virtualization as a way to cut costs. And just to clarify, virtualization means taking a single physical server resource that is minimally utilized and combining it with other servers to level out the hardware resource demand to a higher average utilization rate, such as 90 percent. This enables a more cost-effective IT solution for business applications. Everyone agrees it’s a winning solution.

And what is happening with all the server hardware? The server farms keep growing and expanding beyond the data center floor capacity, with an ever-increasing demand for power and cooling. Companies are faced with building newer, bigger data centers at great expense. Are there other options? Again, it’s virtualization. This time, consider the IBM System z.

Thousands of workloads can be virtualized with the IBM System z Linux. IBM’s virtualization technology, z/VM, has virtualized workloads for more than 30 years. z/VM continues to incorporate robust virtualization functionality that competes against other industry virtualization alternatives, but this virtualization product is sold by the same company that builds the hardware. That means the hardware, microcode and software are designed together to optimize the virtualization performance, resulting in lower CPU resource overhead – less than 5 percent, according to our observations. No other vendor can say that.

Our white paper further describes how virtualization with the IBM System z Linux could be an optimal solution for your needs. I invite you to read more.

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