System z Solution Edition for SAP – A winning Combination

April 28th, 2015
Marianne Eggett
z Systems Solutions Consultant


Most companies are not thinking about combining SAP and the z Systems platform as an ideal choice for their business. It doesn’t have a fancy name. Yet it is an extremely reliable, extremely scalable, highly available solution. And IBM prices it to be extremely competitive when compared to other platform decisions.


This special offering is called the System z Solution Edition for SAP.


What’s the System z Solution Edition for SAP?

The SAP Solution Edition is designed with IBM z Systems hardware, sized for the customer’s business, and all the IBM software needed to support SAP on z Systems. Included are the DB2 for z/OS and its administrative tools plus z/VM and its administrative tools. In addition, your company’s desired tools can be included, such as OMEGAMON for DB2 and OMEGAMON for z/VM monitoring tools or Tivoli System Automation with Tivoli Systems Automation Application Manager for high availability, at the same competitive pricing.


What about Business Analytics?

In addition, if the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse is a part of the business plan, IBM and SAP have developed the High Performance Near-Line Storage solution, based on the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS, an appliance that helps to accelerate complex data queries for the IBM DB2 for z/OS database. High Performance Near-Line Storage is an integrated SAP NetWeaver BW storage solution that is implemented on IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator. The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, as the name depicts, accelerators the query results, taking traditional DB2 for z/OS queries that took hours, down to seconds. This appliance includes specialized servers, disks, software and advanced query acceleration hardware powered by Netezza ® technology.


Get started with an IBM SAP Technical Class at the right price

I attended a free IBM SAP technical class with two of Mainline’s customers in March of this year. This 4-day class introduces configuration of the DB2 for z/OS, maintenance strategies, Workload Management strategies, Performance Monitoring methodologies and High Availability designs. It’s an excellent class to learn and get comfortable with the solution, designed for the z/OS, z/VM and distributed Systems Administration teams. The 4-day includes 11 hands on labs to become accustomed to using the SAP DBA Cockpit front end, the tool used to maintain the SAP complex.


Even if you are just looking at SAP and wondering if the z Systems would work for your enterprise, join the 4 day class to learn about this platform and gain an understanding of the IBM and SAP close technical Partnership. IBM and SAP are constantly working together to improve the solution, providing forward-thinking companies with the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition.


If you would like more information about the System z Solution Edition for SAP or about the training class that I attended, please email me.

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