Enterprise Servers from IBM

The Advantage of IBM Enterprise Servers

Enterprise servers from IBM give you the flexibility and performance you need for all your mission-critical workloads & data center optimization needs.

IBM enterprise servers include IBM Mainframes and IBM Power Systems. Businesses from all industries, of all sizes, run their mission-critical systems on IBM enterprise servers. However, given the goal of reducing TCO and managing skill gaps, many IT departments are re-evaluating their enterprise server strategy. Can they run their mission-critical applications on industry standard or commodity servers instead?  

There is no cookie-cutter answer. Each situation is different, but typically if a business needs high-performance, high-availability, and/or high-capacity servers for their business-critical applications — such as SAP HANA and EPIC — and large mission-critical databases, enterprise servers are the best choice.  

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Mainframes Are Here to Stay: IBM Mainframes & Linux-based Solutions

Mainframes have long been the industry standard in Enterprise servers. However, mainframe skills gaps may lead an organization to consider transitioning away from its mainframe even when it is still a key asset. The phrase “Mainframes are going away” is definitely not true, as illustrated by the adoption and growth of IBM Mainframes and their support of Linux-based Open Source solutions.

We are a mainframe shop for a reason.
As an insurance company, we like the security of having our data on the mainframe. We work with Mainline because the team is knowledgeable, presents new ideas and products, while understanding and working within the culture of our organization and staying true to our values and objectives.
David Klein

IS Division Manager, North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

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Securing your Data Center Environment

Businesses require servers that promote an entirely secure data center environment for mission-critical applications. Data must be protected across the system, while at rest, and while in transit. Businesses need to avoid breaches, prevent ransomware attacks, and meet tough compliance regulations while optimizing the performance, cost, and efficiency requirements. Security is a key focus of IBM Mainframes and IBM Power Systems. IBM has implemented security features in both the server and operating systems to create stumbling blocks for hackers who are working diligently to breach company systems.

Deciding Which Server Is Right for Your Business with Solution Architects

Mainline helps customers select the best infrastructure solution for their business needs. Our Enterprise Solution Architects can work with you to understand your requirements and match them to the most optimal solution.    

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