Identify IT security risks before a crisis happens

An effective IT security solution is more than policy development, technology architectures, regulations, and collections of point solutions. It is about business integration – ensuring that every aspect of your business is integrated to prevent security gaps. You cannot address one security issue without assessing its impact on another. This requires a top-down approach to security.

Mainline provides a holistic way for organizations to discover systemic vulnerabilities originating from weaknesses in compliance, governance, policy, business continuity, incident management and infrastructure.

Our IT Security Assessment provides a road map to a secure organization. These assessments help an organization determine their current cyber risk exposure around their computer systems, applications and technology.

Ultimately, the assessment creates roadmaps an organization can follow to mitigate and manage cyber risk as well as evolve towards a more mature and appropriate cyber security model.

Security Assessments Offered:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Security Controls Assessment
  • Comprehensive Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing – Application
  • Penetration Testing – Infrastructure
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