End-to-End Data Protection

As a business leader, you have a responsibility to protect your corporate assets from breaches and system outages. This is no easy task. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated every day.

You need future-proof security solutions that mitigate your risk and meet your compliance requirements. Whatever your security needs, Mainline can customize a solution to fit.

Enterprise IT Solutions & Data Protection

Mainline’s security experts can help your enterprise with any aspect of data protection, including security assessment, planning, solution design, and implementation.

We offer security solutions for your enterprise environment, including:

  • Mainframe
  • Data center
  • Network
  • Operating systems and software
  • Edge

Use the right software to design a security strategy.

Getting More out of Your SIEM Solution

Many CISOs and Security Architects are faced with the common issue of not seeing anticipated results from their SIEM or Next Gen Firewall.

There are often too many alerts to determine meaningful results, or there could be pre-existing trouble.

Video Highlights

  • Identifying the cause
  • Directory Integration
  • Content filters

Security Operations and Response

The sophistication of today’s attacks is in a constant state of change. The speed of that change is increasing daily as well. Being able to adapt and evolve requires constant attention. We are able to assist in addressing gaps with products and services immediately, temporarily, and even temp to hire.

Discover how cognitive technology can help prevent, detect, and respond to attacks. 

Information Risk and Protection

Today, data and transactions exist in a variety of locations, both inside and outside the data center. Our perimeter protections aren’t always involved. Applying intelligence and integration to risk management in the employees’ mobile environment, in the data center, and in the cloud are our primary concern.

Discover what can be done to secure your interconnected devices, applications and data.

Security Transformation Services

Taking your unique needs into account to design the perfect security strategy requires a partner that knows you. Knowing when to follow a trend or blaze a new trail comes with our years of experience working together. Current strategies place the highest value on proactivity, integration, and maturity.

Learn about how to create a security strategy that aligns all aspects of your business.

Identify IT security risks before a crisis happens

An effective IT security solution is more than policy development, technology architectures, regulations, and collections of point solutions. It is about business integration – ensuring that every aspect of your business is integrated to prevent security gaps.

IBM Security Outstanding Achievement in North America Award

Recognized as a ‘Most Promising ERM Solution Provider’

Mainline was selected for this prestigious IBM award for the design and delivery of a security solution built on IBM software that provides intrusion prevention, detection and response at an early stage.

Mainline has earned a place on CIO Review’s “20 Most Promising ERM Solution Providers” list for 2019.

According to CIO Review, Mainline “takes a holistic approach that delivers the right technical solutions along with the operational best practices and governance needed to maximize clients’ return on investment.”