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Predictive Modeling for Business-Changing Insight

AI (Artificial Intelligence) advanced analytics uses predictive models to deliver business-changing insights. To give you timely results from your ever-changing data and new data sources, AI needs the latest software frameworks and high-performance computing.

IBM has extended the IBM Watson family of AI software offerings to include optimized frameworks such as Caffe, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Theano, plus an AI development methodology to get you on your path to AI-driven business results, fast.

From ultimate agility, using framework-based AI applications like Watson, H2O Driverless and SAS Viya, to governance and operationalization of solutions with tools such as IBM Cloud Pak for Data, we have the breadth and depth to bring you the optimal AI solution.

When it comes to data analysis, speed and new insights are everything. Traditional business analytics can only offer a historical view. With the advancement of HPC and predictive modeling, you can react to today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges with increased insight.

We can give that insight to you with advanced AI and data science tools. Machine learning uses your intellectual capital, your business data, and external market data in an advanced modeling capability, delivering a glimpse at the future.

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High-Performance Computing for Instant Business Intelligence

Today’s high-performance servers are designed and built to process massive amounts of data faster than previously possible. Coupled with integrated NVIDIA GPUs, the capabilities of today’s high-performance systems can take your model training down from weeks to hours and have unlocked the value of predictive analytics based on open source AI frameworks available for a variety of use cases.

With AI-driven business intelligence, you can analyze many more data sources and larger amounts of data content to gain new insight about your business landscape and create more encompassing views to accelerate your business success.

You’ll gain the insights you need to minimize loss, improve efficiency, and develop new products and business actions. In addition to deeper and faster data analytics, AI can also be used to perform visual recognition tasks to increase business efficiencies.

Using AI visual modeling, for example, a business can increase production efficiencies, reduce business loss, gain customer inference, increase security, and perform tasks previously not possible.

Here are some use cases for AI in business:

  • Sentiment analysis and next-best product offers in retail
  • Risk analysis and fraud detection in financial services
  • Energy demand and routing in utilities
  • Improved patient wellness planning in health care
  • Automated defect inspection in manufacturing

Using the power of machine learning, you can use your data and new data sources to gain insights you have never seen before.

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