Enterprise Storage Optimization Assessment

10 Reasons to Consider a Storage Assessment

  1. Develop your storage service strategy mapping challenges into defining clear objectives
  2. Identify business and technical gaps and a roadmap of recommendations and next steps
  3. Define TOC and ROI for planned technology and consulting services delivering cost awareness via chargebacks and showbacks
  4. Profile data characteristics defining reclamation opportunities and residency policies for a tiered storage architecture
  5. Optimize your structured data through tool implementation and archive
  6. “Landscape” applications into service classes based on objective data and subjective workshops
  7. Build a catalog of data storage, protection and archive features to reduce custom delivery to semi custom finite delivery options
  8. Illustrate your current and future architecture with growth projections
  9. Design operational and auditable storage and backup processes to reduce human error
  10. Facilitate those responsible for IT and compliance to build an archive and related policies
“Mainline was definitely the right choice, and we are very pleased with them. They had a great team – the disk and tape storage experts, plus a great account executive – that always kept us informed and gave us useful feedback.”
Jim Stone

Assistant Vice President of Data Center Operations, Security Service Federal Credit Union