INFINIDAT’s enterprise storage solutions offer the reliability, performance, and flexibility necessary to support today’s data-intensive digital enterprises. High performance, high availability, and flexible options for scaling are all part of the INFINIDAT portfolio.



InfiniBox’s innovative system design and software architecture provides 99.99999% reliability, which is 100-1,000 times more reliable than typical arrays.

The INFINIDAT portfolio covers a full range of robust storage and data protection capabilities, easily leveraged to address the biggest data management and data protection challenges for private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures. Primary storage, cloud storage, business continuance, and disaster recovery are all supported by INFINIDAT solutions.

“We work with Mainline because they provide the skills and services to deliver a complete solution to our customers.”
Brett Cooper

Channel Architect, North America, INFINIDAT

Solving the Backup Issue of Data Explosion

The average amount of storage in the data protection tier is as much as 4 times the amount of primary production storage. To solve the backup issue of this explosion of data, purpose-built appliances, disk-based back-up solutions and deduplication technologies were born, providing faster speed and the reduction of data. However, data volumes continue to grow, and the traditional approaches are no longer adequate for businesses to meet SLAs.

INFINIDAT in the enterprise backup environment solves this business challenge, while offering better overall data protection and lowering costs.

Supporting today’s data-intensive digital enterprises

Compare storage systems to a car engine. New cars have fuel injection technology, delivering better performance, reliability and fuel economy then the carburetor. Businesses need storage technology solutions that work for today’s digital economy. Old storage technology, like the carburetor, doesn’t deliver the performance, scalability and economy needed to be competitive in today’s fast paced market.

Mainline and INFINIDAT

Mainline acts as an advisor for our customers to recommend and deliver IT solutions that increase their effectiveness. As requirements change in the marketplace, we seek out and partner with the best solution providers to deliver the business value our customers need.


INFINIDAT’s value proposition offers low cost acquisition, top tier performance and industry leading 99.99999% reliability. INFINIDAT’s flexibility in multiple data platforms (network attached, traditional fibre channel, mainframe, poly-cloud) offer our customers options without complexity. INFINIDAT is designed to be simple to install, simple to maintain and supports online data needs without tuning or tiering.