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CA Technologies creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy.

The Mainline and CA Technologies partnership delivers business solutions to our mainframe customers, helping them to reframe their mainframe platform, improve ROI and unlock business value.

CA Day 1 support for the new z14 platform for enriched data protection

New Data-centric Security Features from CA Technologies Tackle Vulnerabilities and Compliance Challenges

Together, we focus on 5 key areas of mainframe development and operations:

1. CA Data Content Discovery

Find, classify and secure business-critical data to reduce risk and simplify regulatory compliance.

2. CA Compliance Event Manager

Simplify regulatory compliance and streamline audits through advanced compliance management and threat detection.

3. CA Trusted Access Manager for Z

Increase business efficiency by delivering trusted mainframe services through privileged access management.

4. CA Cleanup

Easily automate continuous and unattended security file cleanup.

5. CA Auditor for z/OS

Identify and control mainframe security risk.

As the IT workforce trends towards a younger, experience-hungry demographic,

CA has designed new features to CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager to provide a simplified yet thorough dashboard that gives IT teams of any skill level the visibility to see and respond to potential vulnerabilities across the enterprise.

“Data compliance and privacy are table stakes for any successful company,” said Ken Gross, Mainframe Software Specialist, Mainline Information Systems. “We see CA Data Content Discovery helping our customers with the ability to recognize, in an intelligent and accessible way, which data sets on the mainframe contain sensitive data that need to be protected from a governance and regulatory perspective.”

Protecting PII: Data-Centric Security and the Mainframe

Discover how to create holistic data-centric security strategies

  • Mainframe is the most securable platform
  • Applying best practices policies
  • Understand the shift toward data centric approach

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