BLOG: NetApp Data ONTAP: What’s New?

July 8th, 2021 BLOG: NetApp Data ONTAP: What’s New?
Ricky Lam
Systems Architect


NetApp has announced its latest upgrade of Data ONTAP, its industry-leading data management software that manages and protects data for edge, core, and cloud. Compared to the previous version of the solution, NetApp Data ONTAP 9.9.1 has many enhancements to its data protection and management features, as well as new features that strengthen companies’ ability to reach a higher level of availability and business continuity.

Version 9.9.1 features NAS and SAN protocols; S3 data access; data protection through NetApp SnapMirror; storage efficiencies, such as deduplication, compaction, and compression; high-availability failovers, including fast failovers for Tier-1 SAN with the All-SAN Array; support for all-flash, spinning drive, and hybrid disk configurations; and security features, such as multifactor authentication, NetApp Volume Encryption, and Secure Purge.

Here’s an overview of 4 key areas of improvement in the new version of NetApp Data ONTAP: cloud integration, business continuity, FlexGroup data protection, and all-SAN array enhancement.


Cloud Integration


NetApp Data ONTAP 9.9.1 supports cloud integration for the top 3 providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. With Data ONTAP 9.9.1, companies can achieve multicloud integration because the software makes cloud storage for the data center compatible across clouds.

Today, integrating multicloud and hybrid cloud is mandatory, and NetApp makes this process easy and seamless. Cloud storage and on-premises storage arrays run on the same ONTAP operating system. Data can be replicated across multiple cloud providers for disaster recovery purposes.

Integration of private and public cloud supports cloud bursting. A workload or application running in private cloud can burst into public cloud when demand spikes.


Business Continuity


NetApp Data ONTAP uses SnapMirror and MetroCluster for business continuity (BC) through a data protection approach. With Data ONTAP, companies can achieve seamless BC for SAN workloads without needing to build a full-blown infrastructure, cutting down on capital expenses. The new version overcomes previous limitations, providing Level-3 network configuration and transparent application failover for SAN to avoid downtime.

Version 9.9.1 has a new MetroCluster IP enhancement that enables recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) of zero for continuous availability. MetroCluster consolidates SAN and NAS workloads and reduces risk with automated management. The solution delivers availability and performance at scale.

SnapMirror is a leading replication solution, which offers continuous availability and simplified management for select applications while still allowing for granular control. The solution consolidates and provides seamless availability for SAN workloads while minimizing costs by adjusting configurations to meet the requirements of your company’s workflows. With SnapMirror, automatic failover ensures that when a failure occurs, application switchover takes place within 120 seconds.




The FlexGroup data protection enhancement for Data ONTAP is significant. FlexGroup enables the SnapMirror to support site recovery manager (SRM) disaster recovery through either a cascade or fan-out topology. FlexGroup Volumes allows you to control capacity visibility with logical space accounting. The solution can monitor space and enforce quotas according to logical capacity.


All-SAN Array Enhancement


All-SAN array (ASA) enhancements to Data ONTAP allow companies to scale out from a 2-node cluster to a 12-node cluster and achieve a 400% IOPS performance improvement due to an NVMe over fabric (NVMe-oF).

The ASA creates a dedicated SAN environment for business-critical applications that need to fail over without disrupting operations. With ASA, Data ONTAP accelerates the performance of mission-critical applications and improves resiliency by enabling seamless and non-disruptive failover through a remote path.

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