LinuxOne: Signature Moment for IBM z Systems

October 6th, 2015
Marianne Eggett
z Systems Solutions Consultant


Changing how the Industry uses Mainframes

August 17, 2015 IBM announced a Signature Moment for z Systems. LinuxOne had a lot of fan-fare, but what is it? First, it’s the Linux only server, currently called Enterprise Server for Linux or ELS, with new names – Rockhopper (Business Class) and Emperor (Enterprise Class) named after penguins – our Linux mascot. Second, it’s new supported software – with the big emphasis on the many Open Source products. Third, it’s a new pricing model – called Elastic Pricing. Finally, the target market is Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Development.

Closer look at this new Mainframe

Let’s start with the market place because that’s driving this announcement. The customer profile is businesses with expansive server growth and/or server decommissioning environments. Businesses that grow 50-100% in a month or two, these are the workloads LinuxOne targets. Mobile computing, Analytics, dynamic industries with the need for Cloud computing models to deploy and destroy servers frequently, these are the LinuxOne’s sweet spot. LinuxOne comes with services and technical support to build the LinuxOne infrastructure and support it – ideal for non-Mainframe customers.

Pricing model is called “Elastic”. After a base system is installed, the system can grow with 30-day cancelation. Software is rented on a monthly basis. Details on this pricing model are still being rolled out.

Open Source software is the big deal. There is triple digit growth of Open Source software deployment in the industry.

Many Open Source products were outlined in the announcement, but the key ones are:

  • Hypervisor – KVM being the primary focus
  • Analytics – Apache SPARK competing against HADOOP and quoting better performance
  • Development and Deployment – Docker with 100 million downloads, designed to use Application Containers

Many more Open Source products are included such as databases MongoDB, MariaDB or PostgresSQL, OpenStack for cloud provisioning, and Chef for deployment along with its recipe support for standard configurations.

For more information on the Open Source products go to:

The LinuxOne server is built with flexibility in mind. The customer chooses its deployment against a list of IBM, Non-IBM and Open Source products.

  • Linux Distribution such as RedHat, S– USE and Ubuntu
  • Hypervisor such as Prism, z/VM and KVM
  • Languages such as Pearl, JAVA and Node.js
  • Management such as OpenStack, Docker, Chef and VMware vRealize Automation
  • Data Base such as MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL
  • Analytics such as Apache SPARK

And, the LinuxOne server is designed for extreme scale.

Watch the Coolest Tech Demo ever:

IBM Software on LinuxOne

IBM is not leaving behind its software stack. IBM Cloud Manager and IBM Cloud Orchestrator are built on OpenStack, and they will be emphasizing that point. IBM will be promoting its many analytics products for this platform, including Big Insights and DB2BLU. With Mobile computing, IBM boasts of MobileFirst, API Management and z/OS Connect products. They have asked us to watch for the Data Power product announcement coming soon. LinuxOne is sold with IBM Lab quick start services, outlined as “solution” that includes deployment of these IBM products, and “patterns” which are designed for the cloud’s quick server implementations.

The goal is to determine where your customers are in the virtualization to Cloud Computing lifecycle. Then, sell the applicable software stack to improve their business responsiveness.

More Information on LinuxOne

This is new, and more information will be rolling out. But, remember, the traditional Enterprise Linux Server (ELS) will continue to be marketed, as in the past.

Reach out to z Brand team for the latest information on this new Signature Moment server – LinuxOne.

IBM internal Webcast announcement overview:

Mainline’s Customer YouTube video


Contact me, Marianne Eggett, for more information.

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