Lenovo and Intel’s New Processor Line

September 12th, 2017

Bill Steins
Systems Engineer Manager
Mainline Information Systems


The Intel processor has come a long way. Its introduction in 1979 produced the 8088 (also called “eighty-eighty-eight” and iAPX88). It had no cores (I guess you can say it had one core), no hyper-threading. And, if you had an application that required a lot of math, then you were required to install the Intel 8087 math coprocessor on the same motherboard.

How things have changed! Over the past 35+ years, Intel has kept moving forward, developing newer, faster, better technologies, from their start with the 8088 to their new Xeon Scalable Family.

The new server line from Lenovo teamed up with Intel’s new Xeon Scalable Family of processors giving you the best, in terms of performance and scalability, for your server needs. The processors from Intel are categorized by Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

  • Bronze (3000 series) up to 16 Cores (8 cores x 2 sockets) and 1.5TB of memory (768GB x 2 sockets)
  • Silver (4000 series) up to 24 cores (12 cores x 2 sockets) and 1.5TB of memory (768GB x 2 sockets)
  • Gold (5000 series) Advanced RAS features up to 56 Cores (14 cores x 4 sockets) and 3TB of memory (768GB x 4 sockets)
  • Gold (6000 series) Advanced RAS features up to 88 cores (22 cores x 4 sockets) and 6TB of memory (1.5TB x 4 sockets)
  • Platinum (8000 series) Advanced RAS features up to 224 cores (28 cores x 8 sockets) and 12TB of memory (1.5TB x 8 sockets)

Lenovo, along with the new Intel Xeon Scalable Family of processors, has servers to meet all your needs from the entry level server, all the way to the mission critical SR950. The SR950 from Lenovo, with 12TB of memory, is a great fit for performance in large memory applications like SAP HANA.

We have customers that are using Lenovo servers with SAP HANA, and the performance is outstanding. Now, with the new SR950 server from Lenovo with Intel’s Xeon Scalable processors, your performance will be even better. And, with the memory footprint to have in-memory database, your SAP HANA databases can be larger and be held in memory for better performance. Depending on the processor you pick, you can have up to 6TBs of memory (Gold processors) or 12GBs of memory (Platinum processors). Let the Mainline SAP HANA team help you architect the right solution for you.

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