Develop Technology Strategies that Fuel Transformation

Sitting still is not an option. The double-edged sword of emerging technologies and unwieldy infrastructure create both opportunities and impediments to business agility. As ongoing digital disruption puts pressure on organizations to keep pace, your business needs C-level advisors with broad expertise, not only formulating innovative strategies, but executing them from end-to-end.

Overcoming Technology Gridlock: Moving Technology from Vision to Value

The Prevalence and Impact of Technology Gridlock

  • Identifying the Conditions for Gridlock
  • Key Factors in Unlocking Your Organization’s Technology Vision
  • Solutions That Drive Progress and Consensus

“Mainline gave us a complete picture of our IT function; from technology strategy to operations to personnel. Their recommendations and assessments were on target and allowed us to make informed decisions regarding improvements to our IT services and maintain control of our costs.”

Construction Industry

Chief Financial Officer

A cohesive portfolio of CIO services designed to position your business for success in the digital era

Mainline’s CIO Advisory services gives business and technology leaders the tools needed to set strategy, improve operations and reduce cost.

IT Strategy and Operational Assessment
Get a 360-degree view of your IT capabilities across, people, processes and technologies.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)
Get strategic advice and support from our C-level resources on a cost-effective, fractional basis.

Interim CIO /CTO Services
Make our CIO / CTO team part of your team and gain new perspectives and innovative experience.

Strategic Directional Analysis
Our model-centric strategy development process gives clear direction on your most challenging technology decisions.

Developed from our team’s extensive experience as industry CIO / CTOs, our Advisory services extend your team, bring fresh perspectives and proven solutions.

Get a complete view of your technology capabilities

Leverage Mainline’s IT Strategy and Operational Assessment to get a 360-degree view of your IT capability – across People, Processes and Technology. Our process gives your team the insights to optimize and align IT for greater efficiency.

Through our Virtual CIO (vCIO) and Interim CIO / CTO services,
Mainline’s C-level advisors provide trusted leadership. Our breadth of delivery options provide just the right amount of support for your business.

Mainline’s CIO Advisory consultants can assist clients with:

  • Building effective IT Strategies for Transition, Transformation or Optimization.
  • Reducing technology cost, optimizing organizational design and implementing effective IT governance.
  • Analyzing multiple strategic options with our proprietary Strategic Directional Analysis (SDA) service offering.
  • Providing expertise and leadership for complex technology programs such as M&A and Divestiture.

Our CIO Advisory resources have experience leading IT teams across a range of industries, from Fortune 500-sized organizations down to high-growth start-ups. Our skills in ITIL, Six Sigma, Enterprise Architecture, PCI compliance (among others) ensure our team is bringing relevant skills to each engagement.

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Discuss your strategic technology needs with our CIO/CTO advisors and find the services that will move your organization forward.

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Get a no-charge, one hour introductory call with our experts and share your technology challenges. We’ll give you our perspective and ideas and explain how we help clients through our portfolio of services.

Partnered with a large state government to define a
5-year Strategic Technology Plan eliminating $500M in expense

Battle-tested Technology Leadership for your most challenging IT needs

  • Proven delivery expertise across the project/program lifecycle; from strategy formulation through implementation and continuous improvement.
  • Industry experience across retail, media / entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, CPG, financial services and more.
  • Flexible engagement options – from onsite full-time through virtual / offsite support.
  • Key certifications and compliance experience such as ITIL, Enterprise Architecture, Six Sigma, PCI, HIPAA.
  • Backed by a team of over 200 systems engineers and service professionals.
  • Partner-level access to major technology providers like IBM, HPE, Red Hat and more.