Mainline Sessions at
IBM Edge 2016

Mainline is proud to be a sponsor at IBM Edge 2016.

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Wednesday Sept 21, 2016   |   2:15 pm PT   |   Room 304
Productivity Aids for IBM Power Systems: The Latest and Greatest
IBM Power Systems has introduced and updated the productivity and efficiency tools available on AIX, IBM i and Linux. These tools focus on performance reporting, performance tuning, advisors, new GUIs, virtualization, provisioning, security, etc.–basically everything you need to save admin time and maximize system efficiency. This session will give you an overview of 42 tools and aids, and will provide incentive to attend other, deeper-dive sessions. This will be an interactive session with input and appraisals from customers using these tools.
Wednesday Sept 21, 2016   |   5:00 pm PT   |   Room 304
Taking the Mystery Out Choosing the Right Power Systems Options for Linux Solutions
When implementing Linux solutions on IBM Power Systems, you have many architectural options to choose from, including Power L and LC models, Power Scale Out models, Power Enterprise IFLs and Power Enterprise servers; as well as Linux distributions with BE and LE options, CAPI, GPUs, virtualization choices including bare metal, support offerings, and provisioning tools. This session will overview and differentiate these choices and provide input on how you can choose to maximize performance and efficiency.
Ron Gordon
Director of Power Systems
Mainline Information Systems