Mainline Sessions at
COMMON Fall Conference & Expo 2016

Mainline is proud to be an sponsor at COMMON Fall Conference & Expo 2016.

Please refer to this page often for updates on our events and activities. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Monday, October 24, 2016   |   Location: Bellows A

@ 9:30 am ET

Value of Linux for IBM i Users

I am an IBM i user and love it.

Why should I care about Linux? Is it about cost?

Is it about applications?

Is it about learning new skills?

Come see several reasons why you should care.

@ 2:00 pm ET

How is Linux for Power Developed and Optimized for Power Systems

So you are trying to understand what Linux is about and how it is made. You are trying to differentiate the multitude of Linux distributions to choose from. You don’t know how much Linux costs. You have heard Linux is Linux is Linux is Linux. Need help understand all this new speak. This session will help.

@ 5:00 pm ET

Taking the Mystery Out of the Choices for Running Linux on Power

Running Linux on Power means understanding the server choices, hypervisor choices, Linux distributions, options on specialty technology. This can be very confusing, and if you get it wrong, you may have difficulty making applications work and your frustration level will rise, a lot. Come to this session and see the options and relationships of the Linux technology and the Power Systems technology.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016   |   Location: Bellows A

@ 9:30 am ET

Planning and Management of Linux on Power Systems

With the growth of Linux in the IT industry, running Linux on a Power System is a task that must be planned and managed with care as for many of us, this is our first implementation of an OS outside of IBM i. This session will review the planning steps and post install management of Linux on Power Systems.

@ 11:00 am ET

The Latest Linux Offering for the Power Family of Servers

Linux and Open Source applications are rapidly be developed and functionality added. This session will review items you may not have heard of yet since they are new are in a strange new language. Items like Docker, Chef, Puppet, OPAL, Open Stack, PowerVC, PowerVC Manager, CAPI, FPGAs, GPUs, NVlink, NovaLink, etc. Come see what is now, what is does, and why you might consider usage of the new news.