BLOG: 2021 NetApp Conference: Upgrades, Updates, and Acquisitions

November 12th, 2021 BLOG: 2021 NetApp Conference:  Upgrades, Updates, and Acquisitions
Carlos L. Marques
Enterprise Architect


NetApp hosted its conference INSIGHT 2021 from October 20 to 22, creating the opportunity for networking with industry experts and attending presentations by thought leaders and technology providers. INSIGHT is always a great forum for NetApp to announce exciting new releases and additional features and functionalities for its solutions, and this year’s conference was no different. NetApp is known for its industry-leading optimization.

Now that the smoke has had some time to clear, it’s a great time to recap some of the most valuable takeaways from the conference, including updates to ONTAP, an exciting acquisition, and new features for NetApp Cloud Insights.

Here’s an overview of 3 of the top highlights of the INSIGHT 2021 conference.


New Release of ONTAP 9.10.1


NetApp released a new version of its flagship ONTAP Operating System, ONTAP 9.10.1, which has many enhancements that increase performance and security of cloud infrastructure. The new release has ransomware functionality that uses machine learning to identify anomalies automatically that might signal a possible attack. The new version also reduces risk through automated patching.

Data management and protection is strengthened through SnapMirror of S3 buckets, which creates the option for hybrid cloud backup. Now, SnapMirror data storage and replication software can back up ONTAP S3 object data either to on-premises hardware, StorageGRID software-defined object storage, the public cloud, or other ONTAP S3 buckets on all-flash and hybrid arrays.

Performance improvements come from using the TCP protocol for NVMe over fabrics and a new high-end array called the AFF A900. NVMe/TCP will reduce latency while cutting costs and is more efficient and resilient than the typical internet small computer systems interface (iSCSI).

AFF A900 is NetApp’s new flagship all-flash storage platform that can replace the processor control module for current A700 users. The new system allows users to replace failed I/O and PCM modules without interrupting production. AFF A900 is ideal for workloads that require low latency, high throughput, and resiliency.


Acquisition of CloudCheckr


NetApp has acquired CloudCheckr, allowing the technology leader to expand the functionality of Spot. Now, the Spot toolset will extend beyond cloud management and automation for DevOps.

CloudCheckr, which NetApp acquired in October, introduces cloud financial management into Spot so that companies can make the most of their cloud investments, improve security, and establish governance for public cloud services.

NetApp is also enhancing Spot by introducing Spot Security to its portfolio. Spot Security uses the software’s logs and administrator policies to track public cloud APIs, network traffic, and user activities. This allows companies to inform administrators of potential security risks, such as access attempts and changes in utilization patterns and configuration.

Spot Security can suggest actions to remediate an issue manually or resolve it automatically. Each risk is prioritized by Spot Security using a scoring system that escalates remediation for higher scores.


Cloud Insights Enhancements


NetApp also announced enhancements to Cloud Insights, its tool for gaining visibility into infrastructure and applications across cloud and on-premises resources. These upgrades focus on ransomware prevention and file reporting.

Cloud Insights uses data services to detect ransomware before it can impact your business. The tool identifies ransomware early and sends alerts, reducing the risks created by connectivity.

Previously, NetApp never had native file reporting. Now, users can use Cloud Insights to find out how many of certain types of files, such as JPGs, they have.


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