BLOG: Dell EMC High Performance Computing (HPC) Ready Solutions

August 23rd, 2021 BLOG: Dell EMC High Performance Computing (HPC) Ready Solutions
Bryan Samson
Strategic Alliances Manager

Some assembly required. We have all loathed that gross understatement around hour number two into the assembly of some new thing that would look great in your home. Oh, if someone else put it together. “I wish this came assembled” or “I’d pay anything for this to be pre-assembled”, one mutters as you strip the last screw in the misaligned pilot holes hastily drilled at the factory. Most IT solutions like High Performance Computing (HPC) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) environments are ALL assembly required. The customer is the architect, balancing a list of requirements and interoperability matrices from the software and hardware vendors. Don’t have the skills in-house? Alternatively, you can pay consulting and services providers to perform the integration and implementation. This does simplify the project management, but not the time to bring it online. It’s still an erector set. Dell Technologies has an answer for both issues, Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC and AI.

Dell Technologies has taken the best of breed architectures for major HPC and AI applications and pre-designed and pre-packaged the solutions in an easy to deploy cabinet. Dell uses the term, Democratizing HPC, to mean these solutions enable small to medium businesses to leverage the competitive advantage of HPC and AI without hiring skills that are normally working for large enterprise datacenters. Modular design means you only need to choose the right build for your application and then decide how much horsepower you need based on the size of your data sources. So, according to a Forrester Total Economic Impact Study, April 2020, time to implement is reduced 18-20%. This also reduces the skills needed in house as Dell Technologies is fully supporting the solution. HPC environments usually entail ongoing tuning, but researchers can now rely on Dell Technologies to handle the design and optimization and instead focus on leveraging HPC systems to create a strategic advantage for the organization. That advantage has been quantified in 15x acceleration in research value recognition and 18x faster AI models that complete in days instead of months.

There is an exhaustive list of finely tuned solutions depending on your needs and application requirements.

For example, the Dell EMC HPC Ready solutions include:

  • AI and Data Analytics
  • Research
  • Life Sciences
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • GPU-as-a-Service
  • HPC Storage
  • And more


HPC, AI, and Analytics Converged


Do you feel your organization doesn’t fit these models? No problem! Dell Technologies believes the convergence of HPC and AI is driven by data, a data center resource that often goes untapped. The Dell EMC HPC Ready Solution for AI and Data Analytics brochure provides information on a turnkey solution for your busy, experienced or inexperienced teams to leverage for data analytics. Gain significant competitive advantages with deeper knowledge of your customer base.

Adding analytics to the HPC/AI duo, this converged technology trio opens even more opportunities to extract value from your data. HPC provides the power, scalable compute, dense storage, and network traditionally required by AI and analytics, making this technology trio the perfect convergence.

Technology platform aside, we should not neglect the need for a proficient IT team, and highly skilled data scientists to ask the right questions. With 83% of CIOs saying they are investing in AI and machine learning, skills are a critical success factor1. Fortunately, for organizations that don’t have the inhouse skills, Dell can provide a turnkey solution to leverage this technology.


Let’s get started!


Mainline and Dell Technologies will spend time with you to understand your unique requirements and goals and help choose the best solution. Perhaps you want complete control, have the upfront budget and a full on-premises, pre-configured deployment is the answer. Alternatively, you have a restricted budget with a growth flexibility requirement, then we can discuss the hybrid options with partial on-premises hardware and cloud-based as-a-service capacity. Choose Dell EMC HPC Ready Solutions to avoid headaches and some assembly required.

To get started contact your Mainline Account Executive directly or contact us.


1 PR Newswire, “Sapphire Ventures Releases the 2020 CIO Innovation Index: Startup Engagement Trends for the Crisis CIO,” September 2020.


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