Steve Adil
Storage Consultant
Mainline Information Systems

Steve Adil began his career in Storage in 1980 as Data Administrator for the Travelers Insurance Corp. He went on to found the Storage Management team at Shawmut Bank (now part of Bank of America) where he served as Assistant Vice President for Storage. Mr. Adil also worked for StorageTek and served as a Systems Engineer.

Mr. Adil joined IBM in 1996 as Systems Engineer and RVA product specialist. In 1999 he was part of the IBM team that launched the Enterprise Storage Server (Shark) disk array and in 2004 participated in launching the DS8000 product line. Steve spent the latter half of his tenure with IBM speaking with customers throughout the Eastern US and Puerto Rico as Disk Solutions Executive.

In March of 2008, Mr. Adil joined Mainline Information Systems as Disk Products Manager. He is currently responsible for Enterprise Disk products and works with sales teams to develop strategies related to disk storage opportunities.

Over time, Mainline’s capabilities have grown to include all of the major technology suppliers and because Mainline provides vendor agnostic storage solutions the company has become a trusted advisor to its customers. With Steve’s extensive product and storage management background, he has worked to support Mainline’s customers as they develop storage strategies. By looking at the strengths of available vendors’ product portfolios, and by reviewing data storage trends and developments Steve has been able to, in the words of one customer, save them “hours of internet searching”. He travels the U.S. and Puerto Rico carrying this message and educating Mainline’s extensive and multifaceted customer set.

Mr. Adil has published articles on Storage Management topics for Mainframe Journal (now Enterprise Systems Journal), has spoken at Share meetings, and was a founding officer of the Connecticut chapter of the Computer Measurement Group (CMG).