Whiteboard Video – Open Data Analytics on System z

80% of data still resides on the mainframe. Yet many companies export, manipulate, cleanse, and reload that data to other platforms, driving up costs, increasing complexity and adding risk. By accessing data at its source, you can avoid these pitfalls. The IBM Open Analytics for z/OS offers Data Scientists real time analytics access to mainframe data. With the power of Apache® Spark™, it integrates key open source analytic technologies with optimized data access and abstraction services resulting in flexible, fast, secure access to data.

Benefits of IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS

  • Accelerate analytic processing with the power of Apache Spark.
  • Cost savings by eliminating the ETL process.
  • Access operational data at the source for more accurate results.
  • Flexible and secure processing of diverse data types.
  • Runs on z specialty processors.

Integrate with Open Source Technologies to Maximize Insights


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